Lingerie by Panache, Picture by Catie Taylor

Lingerie by Panache, Picture by Catie Taylor

The Rack Shack is an all inclusive bra boutique in Bushwick Brooklyn that carries flirty bra's for sizes 28A-42HH. We are LGBTQ friendly. Everyone is welcome.

With working in theater management and the service industry in cities like Amsterdam and New York, I have experienced how important it is to be comfortable, yet presentable. Feeling sexy in comfortable clothes has always made me feel empowered, and being a curvy woman, it is very important for the basics to be extraordinarily good.

Five years ago I moved to New York; a city of diverse women and the city that has everything. I discovered that the lingerie market for bustier women, is still very small, even in such a worldly city. On the Internet you can find endless brands but it is just so important to touch, feel and try on lingerie.   

I had a G cup when I was 14 years old and there was one thing that I hated about bra shopping, that was the feeling I had after I came back from bra shopping: insecure, weird and big. Coming home with a bra that could be my grandmothers because they simply didn’t have anything else and then the voice of the lady’s that would help me : “no darling, of course we don’t have that cute bra in your size”.

Inspired by these experiences and emotions, I came up with the concept for The Rack Shack. A stylish and fun environment with knowledgeable and friendly staff that has love and respect for every body type. A place where everyone can feel sexy. 
Lingerie with a signature style curated out of different brands.